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About Us
Our love of dalmatians comes from the unique temperament of the breed plus their inherent connection with people.  Dalmatians should always be friendly and happy with an incredible stamina.  Their smile (although not all can do it) is something that you look forward to whenever they greet you.
We predominantly breed to show our dogs. Given the nature of conformation judging one should be trying in all litters to ensure that the breed is sound in body and mind.

With 24+ years of experience in the breed we will assist new and previous owners of the breed in developing a greater understanding and appreciation for an exceptional breed of dog. We are not afraid to critque the breed for all of its points to help you decide on whether this breed is for you or not.
We also participate in show/club management and between us we have many years of experience as show secretary, president, treasurer etc.  We are both experienced stewards, helping  in shows across the central west of NSW.
We are now judges of the Non-Sporting group and judges for the Gundog group, being registered on the ANKC and FCI list of judges.   Other judging licenses will be trained on as time evolves.
As this breed has high energy (enough to run 20km per day) they are brought up on a hobby farm with 102 cleared acres with fresh air and room to move.



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